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I am trying to design a mini project of a quiz application using resource bundle. I get an error of There is no row at position 0 when I insert the following if condition. Where I am catching the string from combobox in variable X.

SampleResourceBundle.Loginpage l = new SampleResourceBundle.Loginpage();
   sql = "select * from quesans where qid>48";
else if (l.x.Equals("en_US"))
   sql = "select * from quesans where qid<48";

The error is given in the following statement in the method from the next form:

textBox1.Text = ds.Tables["QA"].Rows[recno].ItemArray[2].ToString();

But if I remove the if statement the code executes perfectly fine.

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There are no rows, which is why the first row (at position 0) is Out-Of-Range. –  user2864740 Apr 16 at 5:08
Most likely the QA table has no rows in it, and you're trying to access the first row. Place some break points in your code and step through it. Try to figure out whether it's loading data, and whether there's any data to be loaded. –  Grant Winney Apr 16 at 5:09
Without the if statement it is executing and i am getting the correct output for both the queries. @user2864740 –  hshantanu Apr 16 at 5:32
What's the value of l.x ? Why are you using equals instead of ==? Did you check if your if statement is culture, case sensitive relevant? –  Rand Random Apr 16 at 6:06
@user3259776 Then your if statement changes something (ie. maybe there are rows for qid>48, but not qid<48?). Again, there are no rows when that exception is thrown. –  user2864740 Apr 16 at 6:19

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There are no rows in ds.Tables["QA"].

You need to check if there is a row you want to read before attempting it:

if (recno < ds.Tables["QA"].Rows.Count)
    textBox1.Text = ds.Tables["QA"].Rows[recno].ItemArray[2].ToString();
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If i execute both the queries separately without the "if" statement they work fine. "If" is causing the indexoutofrange exception. –  hshantanu Apr 16 at 5:35
Both ifs may be false. What is the value of sql in this case? –  Szymon Apr 16 at 5:36
Yes I think it's not getting any value from the if statement, because I tried to display the value of "x" with "MessageBox.show(l.x)" and did not get it on the form. Well if i execute the query without "if" its fetching all the question and answers from the database correctly in variable "sql" and displays it on the form. –  hshantanu Apr 16 at 5:50
There problem is somewhere in a part of the code you haven't posted. I'll leave my answer with only the check recommendation for now. –  Szymon Apr 16 at 5:54
I had made a simple and ridiculous mistake of taking string values "en_US" instead of "en-US". The code works fine. Thank you for the help. –  hshantanu Apr 21 at 11:43

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