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According to different sources one should be able to hyperlink to a specific page in a PDF-file from other applications by appending the suffix: #page=, for example:


This is not working from Word 2013. I have read that it depends on what application and version installed as PDF-file reader on the client and file extension associations, but I think it is an issue with Word 2013. On the same computer I can successfully hyperlink to a PDF page from an HTML-file by using the following HTML-code and click the link in for example Internet Explorer:

<HTML><BODY><A HREF="C:\Temp\Examplefile.pdf#page=5" TARGET="_TOP"> PDF-File </A></BODY></HTML>

I have tried using Adobe Reader XI and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro as PDF-file reader, but without success. The PDF-file opens but it shows the first page, not the fifth.

Does anyone know how to successfully hyperlink to a specific page in a PDF-file from Word 2013? I am also open to solutions involving VBA code.

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It seems that “the only way to create a hyperlink in a Word document to a specific page or destination in a PDF is if the PDF file is in a web server and you create the link referring to the PDF URL”, to quote an answer at AcrobatUsers.com. So you would use a link with a URL like http://unicode.org/charts/PDF/U0080.pdf#page=5 (to take an arbitrary working example).

Well, any HTTP server should do, it does not need to be on the web but could be an intranet server, or even local to the computer where the Word document is opened. But the point is that when you link to an http:// address, the link will open in a web browser, which can handle a fragment part like #page=5 at the end of a URL.

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Great! got hyperlink to file on webserver to work, as long as the computer client opened the PDF-file in the webbrowser. –  Plarsen Apr 16 at 7:27

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