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I have an Image inside a Grid:

    <Image Stretch="Uniform" 
           VerticalAlignment="Stretch" />

Since the stretch is set to Uniform, it won't fill the grid completely. The image source is also changing continously, and each source might have a completely different width and height.

I want to put a Border around the image, how do I do that? If I simply put:

    <Border Width="{Binding ElementName="myImage", Path=RenderedSize.Width}" 
            Height="{Binding ElementName="myImage", Path=RenderedSize.Height}">
        <Image x:Name="myImage"
               ... />

It will wrap the entire Grid instead of just the Uniform image.

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Set HorizontalAlignment and VerticalAlignment as Center on border. Default value is Stretch so it stretches to fill the entire grid.

<Border HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center">
   <Image x:Name="myImage"/>
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