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I have a Freebsd 10.0 OS and a problem with wpa_suplicant.

During the boot process I load the ath module and I can scan the Wpa-wireless stations.

When I start wpa_supplicant with the correct *.conf file, I get the error

"pre-shared keys maybe incorrect".

I tested it with another wpa2 point of station, and my wpa_.conf(specific for the other Acess Point) works properly and I get associated.

I have a Arch-Linux OS with Gnome and Networkmanager, and with the same Router with fails by wpa_supp from Freebsd, I get associated over NetworkManager and a wpa.conf file.

I have already tried to use other .conf file ( already the same as WPA from linux) but it does not work.

I can't access direct to the router, or modify something .

How can I debug and find out the error, when possible?

I get the journalctl log from Networkmanager, but I don't find some that could me help.

My first idea is that wpa_suppl. on freebsd as a timeout from authentication too short and

when I get in contact with the router, the 4way-Handshake fail due to that.

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