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My problem:

The web application that I am building is very dependant on that the client and server side clocks are in pretty good sync.

To calculate the offset between the client and server time clock is not a problem, it has very elaborate answers here.

My question is:

Is it possible to alter the default clock from JavaScript which Date etc is based on? Or is my best shot to build an extension of the Date class or similar?

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As far as I know, the JS clock returns the system's date / time. You can't change that. –  Cerbrus Apr 16 at 8:39
Kind of hope that there is some magic offset function or something that processes the time between the system and f.x. Date. –  Robin Andersson Apr 16 at 8:49

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moment.js has a very powerful date api on top of javascript's Date object.

You could look for a plugin (or quite easily build your own) that takes into account some kind of custom 'timezone'. Thus shifting your date-related calculations to any value needed.

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