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I want to shift to the right an entire column, fill with NAN the first column and drop the last column:

df0:             A  B  C  D
    2013-12-31   10 6  6  5        
    2014-01-31   11 7  5  5
    2014-02-28   15 8  8  8


df1:             A   B  C  D
    2013-12-31   NaN 10 6  6          
    2014-01-31   NaN 11 7  5  
    2014-02-28   NaN 15 8  8  

My solution is to split the columns into Series and then recompose the dataframe. Is there a more efficient way?

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shift shift the data by rows. Here's my trick



It's a bug when passing axis as 1. It's been solved in the current develop version. If you are living in the cutting edge, use



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I would've posted this as an answer but it looked inelegant, can you explain why df.shift(axis=1) does not work? –  EdChum Apr 16 at 9:34
with df.shift.(axis=1) I get an error: IndexError: index 4 is out of bounds for axis 0 with size 4... the solution from waitingkuo is great! –  prre72 Apr 16 at 9:37
It's been solved and will be released in the next version. –  waitingkuo Apr 16 at 9:47
@waitingkuo yes I just tried an example with 4 rows and noticed it shifted correctly with axis=1 but put NaN in the first row rather than first column, good to know these bugs are fixed in next version –  EdChum Apr 16 at 9:51

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