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I am trying to use a put method to update a users (model) information.

The form is in a haml file and has different css so I dont want to use form_for construct.

However the request is hitting to create method although I pass a hidden input _method with value PUT as recommended for Rails.

Here is the code:

  %form.form-horizontal.border{action: '/users',type:'hidden', name:'_method', value:'put',method:'post'}
    / Form Name title
    %br Create Profile
    / Text input

The use case is:

1] User log's in using a social login. A user is already CREATEed at this step.

2] We take that information , pre-fill a form and also request additional information in the form. When user submits it UPDATEs the existing user.

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You want to edit user information, right? – Marek Lipka Apr 16 '14 at 9:48

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You might have to actually create a hidden %input node with a _method value of put, nested under the %form node with method post:

%form.form-horizontal.border{action: '/users', method:'post'}
    %input{ type:'hidden', name:'_method', value:'put'}

I think combining all those attributes in your %form node was the issue (the _method with put attribute combined with the actual method attribute). As this Rails Guide states, Rails understands the put method via a hidden input, not a hidden form.

See this stackoverflow answer for more details about why you need to have a separate hidden %input tag with hidden and _method nested under a %form tag with post for method.

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If you don't want the CSS stuff with your fields, still use form_for to generate your <form> tag, and then ignore helpers for your <input> fields. It will protect you from various vulnerabilities.

Also, Rails 4 tends to use PATCH instead of PUT as update HTTP verb.

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why don't you use rails' form_for method?

  = form_for @user, url: '/users', class: 'form-horizontal border', method: :put do |f|
    # the rest

then the hidden field is created by rails and you can be sure it will work

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