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how do i (after getting the right stock prices from a source) show it on a "live graph". i'm looking for a php/ajax toolkit that allows me to create that graph live?

is that the right thing to use or a flash based solution is better?

are there 3rdparty sites that offer to create live graphs given input data?

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Highcharts is probably what you need.

I recently started a new project to simplify the construction of a graph when using php:


Also, Google Charts or Open Flash Chart are concrete possibilities (the latter will require Flash).

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AWESOME find!!!!! –  Dave Feb 23 '10 at 11:24

you can have a look at JPGRAPH. It is a wonderful library for creating wide variety of graphs. As far as ajax is concerned this library outputs the graph as a picture file, so you can easily send the required parameters using ajax and build the graph dynamically using ajax.

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PHPlot also is a free library: http://phplot.sourceforge.net, but compared to JPGraph it's rather limited. It also delivers a picture so you could grab that via AJAX and display it.

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Birdeye has some incredibly powerful graphing tools. Check out the Birdeye Explorer to get a sense of what you can do with it.

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