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I currently have to install the Python package MySQLdb on a openSUSE 11.3 "Teal" that has Python 2.6.5.

Yes, I know that the current openSUSE is 13.1 and the last version that is supported is 11.4 (see openSUSE version history). I also know that Python currently is in version 2.7.6 / 3.4.0. But I can't change that.

According to pip there is only a package mysqldbda which seems not to help.

As zypper search mysqldb gave no results, I don't think there is a package like python-mysqldb in Debian based systems.

What should I do? How can I install the Python package MySQLdb on openSUSE?

If that is not possible: Are there alternative packages that I could use to execute simple queries (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE - no joins, no table creation, no deletes)?

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I didn't try install it on OpenSUSE but python packages shouldn't be related to some specific distro of linux. If you want have and use different versions of python look for pyenv. For mysql adapter you can look here. Command pip install mysql-python working well for python 2.6.6.

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