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I want to make an app for android 4.4 that loads and runs a web page offline. I want to play this modified 2048 game (http://sanchit18.github.io ) on nexus-5 device as an app. How to do that using eclipse adt or android studio?

Also, the webpage displays the graphics correctly, but the images in the tiles render incorrectly when run on a mobile device in web browser. How to correct this? Please help with these two queries.

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Have you tried viewing the webpage in a PhoneGap WebView? –  AmmarCSE Apr 16 at 10:32
No need to write native code, just put all resources in .rar file and upload it to here –  Manish Apr 16 at 10:32
Adobe PhoneGap Build Service worked well... Thanks. It easily created an apk file from the git link. However, while installing it the app requested dozens of permissions that are not at all required for the intended functionality. Is it a default for this service to request all the general permissions while converting to apk? Is there a way to remove all the requested permissions? –  Sanchit18 Apr 16 at 13:09

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You can use Webview. WebView allows you to display web pages as a part of your activity layout.

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+1 for fastest gun –  Tascalator Apr 16 at 10:38

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