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To instantiate the variables can do so:

scala> var (a, b, c) = (0, 0, 23)
a: Int = 0
b: Int = 0
c: Int = 23

but if I wanted to do such a thing?

scala> a = b = c
<console>:10: error: type mismatch;
 found   : Unit
 required: Int
       a = b = c

how can I do?


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You can't do a = b = c because a has already been defined as a Int var, and with the a = b = c statement you are giving a a Unit, 'b = c'.

When you assign a value to a variable in Scala you don't get as a result the value assigned.

In other languages b = c would be evaluated to 23, the value of c. In Scala b = c is just a Unit, writing a = b = c is exactly like writing a = (b = c), hence the error.

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Ok... So i can't do this. Thank you very much @Peter –  YoBre Apr 16 at 12:35
You are welcome. –  Peter Apr 16 at 12:54
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var a,b,c = 0

should do the trick.

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I'm interested to know how to give the value of C to A and B –  YoBre Apr 16 at 10:37
Try var a,b = c –  My other car is a cadr Apr 16 at 10:48
no guys.... i'm not interested to know the other ways to INSTANTIATE more var but i'm interested to know how to valorize them in one function. For example a = b = 12 but in this way does not work –  YoBre Apr 16 at 11:02
you want to first set c to be 23, and a and b to be 0, and then set a and b to be the value of c? correct? –  Electric Coffee Apr 16 at 11:28
Yes @ElectricCoffee! –  YoBre Apr 16 at 12:36
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