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I am using this jquery function to show more or less on a unordered list id grid
which works fine

   $('#grid').each(function() {
       var $list = $(this);
       $list.before('<button class="more_less">More</button>');

  $('.more_less').click(function() {
      var $btn = $(this);
      $btn.text($btn.text() == 'More' ? 'Less' : 'More');    

Issue to be resolved: Due to space constraints, when I drag and drop the object containing the list content I require on the drag event below to show less and the generated More less button to be removed.

$('#grid ').draggable({
      onStartDrag: function(){
          $(this).draggable('options').cursor = 'not-allowed';

I'd imagine the correct code would be placed here to remove <button class="more_less">

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$('#grid p').draggable({ revert:true, proxy:'clone', onStartDrag:function(){ $(this).draggable('options').cursor = 'not-allowed'; $(this).draggable('proxy').css('z-index',10); – user3488555 Apr 16 '14 at 10:38
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You should add a handler for the start event as in the example below.

$('#grid ').draggable({
    start: function(event, ui){
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thank you bang on the money Andrej – user3488555 Apr 16 '14 at 12:49

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