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I have a column name unique and im trying to print resutls ordered randomly, first all the rows which starts with lead_ and then all the rest of the rows.

For example if I have this rows:


I need to first print lead_ass,lead_fdg,lead_nhf ordered randomly and then all the rest, also ordered randomly.

Any help? Thx!

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You can do this as:

order by (col like 'lead_%') desc,

The expression (col like 'lead_%') returns either true (treated as 1) or false (treated as 0), so the desc puts the matches first. The rand() is just because you say you want things ordered randomly. This will order both groups randomly.

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you did beat me by 2 seconds :D +1 –  Andresch Serj Apr 16 at 10:49
Thank you! but there is a way to make the lead_ also ordered randomly? –  OfirH Apr 16 at 11:01
@OfirH . . . This will order both groups randomly, those that start with 'lead_' and those that don't. –  Gordon Linoff Apr 16 at 11:07
@GordonLinoff as you say in your answer (col like 'lead_%') will return 1 if true and then I use DESC to print them first. DESC if the number is equal is random? –  OfirH Apr 16 at 11:09
@OfirH . . . No, the rand() randomizes the results in each group. It is the second sort key. –  Gordon Linoff Apr 16 at 11:17

You can use CASE and LEFT function

         WHEN LEFT(col,5) ='lead_' 
         THEN 1 ELSE 2
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