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I wrote a simple 3 line code for connecting to gmail through imap-php. i am using 000webhost for running it. but when i try to open it, it keeps on loading and after some times shows "Problem loading page" or "No data recieved", as if gmail servers are not responding!! Any suggestions whats the problem?

$hostname = "{imap.gmail.com:993/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert/norsh}Inbox";
$username = 'abc@gmail.com';
$password = "abc123";

$inbox = imap_open($hostname,$username,$password)or die('Cannot connect to Gmail: '    .   imap_last_error());
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These 3 simple lines... show these. –  reto Apr 16 at 10:56
Why do you set $hostname like that? Isn't {imap.gmail.com:993}INBOX enough? Also check for case-sensitivity. –  edvinas.me Apr 16 at 11:00
i hav tried many combinations, but none of them is working!! i am realyyy fed up! –  user3540802 Apr 16 at 11:13
Is IMAP enabled for your account in GMail settings? –  edvinas.me Apr 16 at 12:42
Yes.. it shows sometimes connection to the page was reset. –  user3540802 Apr 16 at 12:47

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$server_name = "imap.gmail.com";
$account_name = "email@mydomain.com";
$account_pwd = "my_account_password"; 

$inbox = imap_open("{".$server_name.":993/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert}INBOX", 
$account_name, $account_pwd) OR error_imap_mail("Unable To Open Imap 
Connection","Imap Failure",imap_errors());

function error_imap_mail($subject,$messagetext,$errors) {
    global $report_email;
    $mailfrom = "support@mydomain.com";
    $mailsubject = "$subject";
    $mailbody = "$messagetext\n\n";
    if (count($errors) >0) {
        if (substr($errors[0],0,8) <> "[IN-USE]") {
            foreach ($errors as $key=>$value) {
                $mailbody .= "\nErr No.".$key." Error:".$value;
            foreach ($report_email as $value) {
                mail($value, $mailsubject, $mailbody, "From: $mailfrom");
        }#if (substr($err_array[0],0,8) <> "[IN-USE]") {
    }#if (count($errors) >0) {

Get your script to send you the errors if it fails to connect.

Have you turned IMAP on in the account setting in Gmail?

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Try this:

$hostname = "{imap.gmail.com:993/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert}INBOX";
$username = 'abc@gmail.com';
$password = "abc123";

$inbox = imap_open($hostname,$username,$password)or die('Cannot connect to Gmail: ' .     imap_errors());

Also make sure you enable IMAP for you account via GMail settings.

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Not working, in either case it is not showing any error, just keeps on loading. –  user3540802 Apr 16 at 11:06
Is IMAP enabled for your account in GMail settings? –  edvinas.me Apr 16 at 12:41
Yes it is..i can access my mails through thunderbird but this way it keeps on loading.Do i have to do something with php settings?? –  user3540802 Apr 16 at 12:45
Have you checked that your Web host allows outgoing IMAP connections? Many firewall it by default. If you have shell access, you should do connectivity tests yourself. –  Max Apr 16 at 13:40

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