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I want to break my strings like this, using css:






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Yes possible if you wrap each word in a span element as shown in the below example:




div {
    width: 30%;
    border: 1px solid red;
    overflow: hidden;
div span {
    float: left;

Working Fiddle

otherwise, you need to look in to javascript.

JS (example):

var div = document.getElementById('main');
div.innerHTML = "<span>" + div.innerHTML.split(",").join(",</span><span>") + "</span>"; 

Working Fiddle

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So I have to do it manually. Okay, thanks! –  Скач от Apr 16 at 12:04

There are several ways to allow line breaks where they would not otherwise be allowed, but no way in CSS alone. The reason is that CSS works on elements, not characters.

The most robust HTML+CSS way is probably to insert the following after each comma (or other character after which a line break should be allowed):

<wbr><a class=wbr></a>

with the CSS setting

.wbr:after { content: "\00200B"; }

This is a tricky issue, see longish explanations.

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div span {
float: left;
word-wrap: break-word;
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break-word works on spaces, not commas and symbols. I need a solution for bad input, when they don't use spaces after punctuation. –  Скач от Apr 16 at 12:02
alos, please add some explanation of how your proposed code can solve the issue –  Our Man In Bananas Apr 16 at 12:24

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