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I thought, I would understand Java generics by now. But now I'm helpless again.

I have a generic class where a c-tor constructs correctly-typed instance, while a static factory method produces a type mismatch.

Please look at the following code:

public class _GenericFactoryMethods {

  public final static class DemoClass<T1, T2> {
    private final T1 _1;
    private final T2 _2;

    // static factory method
    public static <T1, T2> DemoClass<T1, T2> create(T1 _1, T2 _2) {
      return new DemoClass<T1, T2>(_1, _2);

    // usual c-tor
    public DemoClass(T1 _1, T2 _2) {
      this._1 = _1;
      this._2 = _2;

    public T1 get1() { return _1; }

    public T2 get2() { return _2; }

  public void doSomething() {
    String str = "test";

    Class<? extends CharSequence> _1 = str.getClass();
    CharSequence _2 = str;

    // works
    DemoClass<Class<? extends CharSequence>, CharSequence> dc1 =
        new DemoClass<Class<? extends CharSequence>, CharSequence>(_1, _2);

    // compile error
    DemoClass<Class<? extends CharSequence>, CharSequence> dc2 =
        DemoClass.create(_1, _2);


The error is:

Uncompilable source code - incompatible types
required: _GenericFactoryMethods.DemoClass<java.lang.Class<? extends java.lang.CharSequence>,java.lang.CharSequence>
found:    _GenericFactoryMethods.DemoClass<java.lang.Class<capture#794 of ? extends java.lang.CharSequence>,java.lang.CharSequence>

Please help to understand and to solve this.
(I really need static factory methods for some of such classes).

Can someone also explain why explicit type parameters must be used?

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DemoClass.<Type1, Type2>create(_1, _2);

As I remember from Josh Bloch's presentation of his Effective Java 2nd Edition: "God kills a kitten every time you specify an explicit type parameter". Try to avoid constructions like this.

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Thank you. Well, to write the usual constructor is even longer ;) And for my special case (not the example) I really need static factory methods. – Feb 22 '10 at 12:48
Sigh, there's no chance to beat answers mentioning kittens. Chapeau! ;) – sfussenegger Feb 22 '10 at 13:00
@sfussenegger: yeah, it's kinda cheating, everyone loves kittens ))) – Roman Feb 22 '10 at 13:06

In this case, you have to explicitly set the generic type:

dc2 = DemoClass.<Class<? extends CharSequence>, CharSequence>create(_1, _2);
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