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I create some config file by this method:

String path = System.getProperty("user.dir" );

writer = new PrintWriter(path+"/configTAB2.txt", "UTF-8");



or this method

writer = new PrintWriter("./configTAB2.txt", "UTF-8");



My real problem is that I launch the jar directly by double click the file is create on the same directory than my .jar but WHEN I create a shortcut on my desktop file are created on the desktop (not in the same directory than my .jar)

Do you have some explanation ?

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Why do not use System.getProperty("user.home");. No matter from where you launch the jar , it will check one path only –  Maxim Shoustin Apr 16 at 12:14
Yes why not, that's could be a solution. But i want that all files are in the same directory that the instal directory. For exemple an USB stick or else. –  Joke75 Apr 16 at 12:21

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The System.getProperty("user.dir"); property returns the current working directory

user.dir User's current working directory

So you get different path regards from where we launch the application.

I would use System.getProperty("user.home") to make path fixed (aka C:\Users\xxxx).

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yes, but the working directory could'nt change when i use the shortcut on the desktop or directly the double clic on the file in my documents. That's really me problem, i don't understand why it change. –  Joke75 Apr 16 at 12:32

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