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Now my question is how do I compute


The error am getting is "Error using + Matrix dimensions must agree."

Please assist me.thanks

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Read this to learn how to use arrays in MATLAB. You are trying to add a 2 element array to a 12 element array. What was your intention? –  Naveh Apr 16 at 12:42
My intention is to do add first element of the 2 element array to all elements of the 12 element array, then do the same with the second element. Thanks –  Lucie34 Apr 16 at 13:13
You should edit your question to clarify this. I wrote you an answer. Be sure to read MATLAB's basics in the link I gave you. –  Naveh Apr 16 at 13:25

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You want to do:

phi_1 = phi(i) + phi_P(1);
phi_2 = phi(i) + phi_P(2);

Note that (i) is unnecessary here. You can also write:

phi_1 = phi + phi_P(1);
phi_2 = phi + phi_P(2);

If you want both results in a matrix you can concatenate them like this:

phi_both = [phi_1; phi_2];

Alternatively, you can do all the additions between the 12 elements array and the 2 element array in a single command, like this:

phi_both = bsxfun(@plus, phi, phi_P');
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Thank you again Naveh. Let me implement this –  Lucie34 Apr 17 at 5:58
Glad to help. If this solution works for you, you can accept it. –  Naveh Apr 17 at 7:48

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