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I have a form which have lot of fields so I validated the form using mootools. But the problem is I need to validate if the given email id is exist using custom validation. But In jquery validation there is a remote option to make a ajax call to server. I would like to know how can I do this with mootools. This is my code Please help me.

window.addEvent(\'domready\', function(){
        document.formvalidator.setHandler(\'emverify\', function (value) {
                var myRequest = new Request({
                url: \''.JURI::base().'/components/com_mycom/thirdparty/email.php\',
                method: \'get\',
                data: { \'do\' : \'1\' },           
                onSuccess: function(responseText){
                    return responseText;
                onFailure: function(){
                    return false;
<input type="text" id="email" class="required validate-emverify" name="email" />

This code is making call to srever and I am getting response. my response is, if email exist it will get 'true' else 'false'.

But it is not removing the validation from the field

Please help me

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What should happen when you get the resposnse? did you check console.log(responsetext) to check you get the right value? –  Sergio Apr 16 '14 at 14:36
er. request is async, the fact that you are returning the response onSuccess does not mean that anyone is listening for that - certainly not in your code and even if you did, the parent function would return before the ajax completes. to tie email validation you are advised to use async:false in the options, then you still need a return after the send, passing the value (scoped up and changed by the request). you could also use promises etc. –  Dimitar Christoff Apr 16 '14 at 20:12

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