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I have this script http://jsfiddle.net/Aet99/ which allows a user to click and drag an image around to pan across it.

The co-ordinates for the mouse are being retrieved using

bgX = (e.pageX - ((e.pageX - bgX) * zScale)) * e.pageX / oWidth;
bgY = (e.PageY - ((e.pageY - bgY) * zScale)) * e.pageY / oHeight;

It's working fine across browsers in Windows (chrome/ie/safari/firefox). However on a Mac it doesn't seem to work for Safari or Firefox (haven't tested on any others yet). Does anyone know why this is happening? I'm guessing it has something to do with the OS not giving the mouse co-ordinates correctly?

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Which version of each browser? –  Whitebird Apr 16 at 13:12
Latest version of both firefox and safari, cant remember the exact version number sorry –  Namenone Apr 16 at 13:13
Can you check the example in THIS PAGE and see if youre seeing the position values correctly? –  Batu Zet Apr 16 at 13:24
The example you gave seems to be working correctly on the mac machine –  Namenone Apr 16 at 13:32
Well the you pointed here image doesnt move, but the co-ordinates seem correct and update depending on where i click –  Namenone Apr 16 at 13:36

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