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I understand that the equation for a straight line is: y = (m * x) + c where m is the slope of the line which would be (ydelta/xdelta) but I dont know how to get this value when I only know a single point and an angle rather than two points.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Sorry I know a point and an angle. I've edited the question –  nettux443 Apr 16 at 13:20

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With just a single point (and nothing else) you cannot solve such a problem, there are infinitely many lines going through a single point.

If you know the angle to x axis then simply m=tan(angle) (you do not need any points to do that, point is only required to figure out c value, which should now be simple).

To convert angle from the y-axis to the x-axis simply compute pi/2 - angle

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I know the line's angle from the Y axis in degrees I just need to know how to convert degrees into a gradient –  nettux443 Apr 16 at 13:18
than you incorrectly wrote the question, please reformulate it. –  lejlot Apr 16 at 13:19
I mention that I know the angle in the main top line of the question –  nettux443 Apr 16 at 13:20
tan is a good approach, although I think you need to give it the angle with respect to the x axis, while the OP has the angle with respect to the Y axis. –  Kevin Apr 16 at 13:21
@Kevin You would just subtract from 90 (or pi/2, depending on the units your angle is given in). –  chepner Apr 16 at 13:23

The equation of a line is y = mx + c. You are given a point on this line, and the angle of this line from the y-axis. The gradient m will be math.cot(angle_in_radians). The x and y values will be the same as your given point. To find c, simply evaluate y - mx.

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Okay, let's say your point is (x,y)=(1,2)

Then you want to solve 2 = m + c. Obviously there is no way you can do this.

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@Scorpion_God Do you know his original question does not contain I only know a single point and an angle rather than two points but how to get this value when I only know one point??? –  laike9m Apr 16 at 13:40
@Scorpion_God Fine, whatever –  laike9m Apr 16 at 13:42
@Scorpion_God such discussion is meaningless. believe it or not when I saw the question is doesn't say anything about angle. Another thing, don't reply. –  laike9m Apr 16 at 13:47

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