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Being a new script developer I need to automatically mount an afp volume when a server starts up. I have written a simple script - it compiles correctly and when I click the "run" button it works perfectly. Then saved it as an application but when I double click it or put it in the start up items it keeps waiting for the connect to be clicked. The volume to be mounted has a user but NO password.

Any help much appreciated.

delay 5
with timeout of 2 seconds
        mount volume "afp://server/volume" as user name "user" with password ""
    on error
        tell application "System Events"
            keystroke return
        end tell
    end try
end timeout
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I can remember that there were always issues with mounting afp-volumes with empty passwords via applescript. –  user309603 Apr 18 at 9:07
If you want to mount a volume at start you can add it to the start items or add it the Finder sidebar, then it mounts if you click on it. –  user309603 Apr 18 at 9:17

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