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this is driving me crazy why aren't the results showing???

function runSQL($rsql) {

    $connect = mysql_connect('localhost','xxx','xxx') or die ("Error: could not connect to database");
    $db = mysql_select_db('xxx');

    $result = mysql_query($rsql) or die ("Error in query: $query. " . mysql_error());

    return $result;

$rsql = "SELECT * FROM subscriptions WHERE subscriptionID = 6 ";
$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
echo $row['subscription'];
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I have added source formatting; feel free to revert if you don't like it. – Piskvor Feb 22 '10 at 13:40

You don't process your result ...

You call your function (runSQL) to execute the query and it returns the resultset, but you don't catch the resultset to work with it.

Use $result = runSQL($rsql); instead of runSQL($rsql);.

Also note that mysql_close($connect); is never called in your code, it's unreachable as the return occurs first.

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Also, keep the connection to MySQL open, don't open&close for every query. – Piskvor Feb 22 '10 at 13:42

If you close the connection before doing mysql_fetch_(assoc|array|etc) on it, those functions will likely fail. The connection should not be closed until you're done interacting with the database, including reading the data.

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