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What is the best option for doing graphic for Android apps? Do we use SVG or any Photoshop-alike software and export to PNG ? I don't see too much SVG use anywhere for Android.

Here it says to use vector shapes: http://developer.android.com/design/style/iconography.html but doesn't say what kind of format...


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You typically use InkScape for SVG and GIMP or something else for PNGs. Or you may want to use some libraries to use SVG "directly". –  Der Golem Apr 16 at 14:46
Thanks, but that's not really what I asked. I wanted to know what for example apps like Viber and Whatsapp use as a graphic throughout the App, is that all PNG, SVG or something else ? –  user2024883 Apr 16 at 16:20
It's png, normally. Sometimes (like the balloons - which, indeed are the big of the graphics), 9.pngs (nine patches) - which are a particular case of PNG. But! as I said, you can use SVG files through free 3rd party libraries (but you must convert the svg files to drawables or bitmaps, in code, prior to assign them). Some other graphics can be created through XML (mostly circles, rectangles, round rects, ...). Some other graphics can be generated at runtime (something like polygons, lines, circles, ...). –  Der Golem Apr 16 at 16:29

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