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I have read a bunch of questions and sites about installing an R package from a zip, but I cannot get it to work properly. I am running the command:

install.packages("caret_6.0-24.zip", dependencies = c("Depends", "Suggests"))

It looks like it works, it gives me this repsonse:

inferring 'repos = NULL' from the file name
package ‘caret’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked

The problem is that after I've installed the package, it doesn't seem to do anything. For example, I run this command and get the response on the second line.

inTrain <- createDataPartition(y = data$class, p = .75, list = FALSE)
Error: could not find function "createDataPartition"

Any ideas or suggestions?

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Do you just need to load the package using library(caret)? –  Adam Kimberley Apr 16 at 14:52

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Have you used require or library to load the package? Installing just downloads and places the files in a specific directory that can be later loaded from. Try:



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Ugh, thanks. I'm new to R and clearly not proficient at this point... –  Kevin Apr 16 at 15:10
no worries. glad I can help. –  ctbrown Apr 17 at 12:50

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