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Well, I think the title mostly says it. I want to upload an image that might be in a variety of formats. In general I then want to save it as is. But if it's JPG with a CMYK color space, I want to convert the color space to RGB when I save it. Is there an easy way to do this in VB.NET? (Or a hard way?)

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You do realize you will lose quality re-saving a JPG. I am presuming you have a specific need for RGB? –  Dreamwalker Apr 16 at 15:06
Have you seen onverting CMYK Jpegs to RBG format?? seem it does what you need !!! –  huMpty duMpty Apr 16 at 15:07
@huMptyduMpty I was just digging that link out :) –  Dreamwalker Apr 16 at 15:08
I have to assume that these answers would be very helpful (although it's asking for the reverse) - stackoverflow.com/questions/5237104/… –  EkoostikMartin Apr 16 at 15:09
@Dreamwalker Sure. But my client is addicted to IE8, and IE8 cannot display CMYK JPGs -- you just get the Red X of Death. So a degraded image is better than no image at all. –  Jay Apr 16 at 20:29

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