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I am using Symfony2 and Sonata Admin Bundle but I am encountering performance issues with entity listing in edit mode.

I have an article entity, and those articles can be linked to multiple biographies (~ 100 000 biographies in database).

Here is a part of my ArticleAdmin.php class.

protected function configureFormFields(FormMapper $formMapper)
        ->add('biographies', 'entity', array(
            'class' => 'SJBiographyBundle:Biography',
            'multiple' => true

This generates a select with my 100 000 biographies when I am editing my article (and it works fine), except that loading 100 000 objects from the database takes a lot of time.

With the latest version of Sonata Admin Bundle, the select comes with an autocompletion field.

My question is: is there any way to load only 50 or 100 biographies and to load more by filtering with the autocompletion field?

Thanks for your help!

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You need to use the sonata_type_model_list, see related documentation:

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