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On the computer everything works fine but on mobile I got the following error:


I use HTTS through Google App Engine

Let me know if you need more info

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I didn't face the problem from my nexus5 device –  radia Apr 16 at 15:21

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On some devices PositiveSSL CA2 is not trusted. But this CA is signed by AddTrustExternalCARoot which should by trusted on all Android devices.

Therefore you can add the intermediate certificate (PositiveSSL CA2) to avoid the error message.

One way to do this is:

Download PositiveSSL_CA2.crt

cat your_domain.crt PositiveSSL_CA2.crt > new.crt

Use new.crt with GAE as usual.

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Worked like a charm, sorry I took so long I was pretty busy with other things! Thank you again for your answer, I really appreciate! –  Jerome Ansia May 10 at 20:54

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