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We have a vagrant project where we manage our production machines, what will be the best way for us to share the their status?

For now I've shared the .vagrant folder via the git repo? Is this the best way to do it?

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Do not include the .vagrant folder into version control as that includes specifics to the actual initialize VM which is different on each initialized instance and not intended to be included in version control. The best thing to include is the Vagrantfile and any configuration management scripts which provision the VM.

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Yap, but in this case my colleagues don't see the status of the machines and can't control them –  Calin Apr 21 at 18:36
Could you elaborate on your environment and intent? –  DanCat Apr 21 at 18:44
I have a bunch of boxes running the production env and I will like anyone on my team being able to up/down them, this means that they should know their status to begin with –  Calin Apr 21 at 18:58

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