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I would like to know how to create 512 bits integer and is there a lib for that ?


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Why would you need that? –  MJeffryes Feb 22 '10 at 14:35
@Ziggamorph - the applications for large numbers are quite varied. Cryptography, for example, usually requires the use of enormously large integers. –  Dave DeLong Feb 22 '10 at 14:37
Can't help but hear the "there's an app for that" phrase when the op says "is there a lib for that?" hehe. –  Christopher Lightfoot Feb 23 '10 at 15:00
This is for cryptography. –  thierryb Mar 2 '10 at 19:56

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The NSDecimalNumber class can be used to represent very large numbers. If you can figure out how to link against the openssl library on the iPhone, then you can use my CHMath.framework wrappers around the OpenSSL BigNumber functions.

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