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Is there any way for reloading configuration file (_vsvimrc) for VsVim inside Visual Studio, WITHOUT restarting whole IDE ?

:source C:\path\to\_vsvimrc


Parse Error

UPDATE 2014-05-12

Configuration actually reloaded properly, beside some line that was wrong. In my _vsvimrc I also bind my basic _vimrc file used also in Vim. This was probably the problem. I didn't debug it. I just live with it :).

My config file can be found on GitHub.

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Late reply, but if it returns Parse Error, then that sounds like a problem in your _vsvimrc.

I just tried it to be sure, and it definitely works with my minimal _vsvimrc, so I introduced an error and got a Parse Error.

I suggest starting with an empty _vsvimrc and adding a line at a time to find where the error is.

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Yes, you are right, the problem was in my _vsvimrc file. When I wrote my question here I didn't know that VsVim actually reloaded the file and all shortcuts are working, except that it printed that message. VsVim could use some more diagnostic functionalists. e.g. when I try to look on all the mappings I have, it shows them but only the first screen and I'm not able to scroll down... Besides that AWSOME!!! :) –  gringo_dave May 13 at 10:41

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