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I'm writing an ASP.NET webforms app, and I'm using jQuery for my AJAX calls. This is working well, but on some occasions, the $.getJSON call is causing a full page postback. I am not using the ASP.NET AJAX library anywhere in the app. I can't reproduce the problem on a consistent basis, and am not sure what is causing it. Here is the jQuery code I am using. Anyone run across this before? Is is possible the previous AJAX call might not have completed, and requests are overlapping?

function getActionMismatch(id) {

    { MismatchId: id },
    function(result) {

        $(".ActionDetailArea").slideDown('fast', toggleBlock('...click Adjust Promo to enter details', true));
    return false;
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How are you triggering that JavaScript function?

If it's a client-side click handler on a control like a Button, you need to be sure to call preventDefault(). Otherwise, the browser will submit the form and cause a postback, even while the AJAX callback is in progress.

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Under some circumstances when jQuery can't do a AJAX call, so it creates a hidden iframe and does a normal submit from there. I'm guessing that some how that process is breaking down.

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But is there any other function I can use within getJSON to determine errors encountered or to determine when the call is complete? – Mark Struzinski Oct 24 '08 at 14:00

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