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I am working on a web based application where active directory users corresponding organization units are created dynamically . However, once users are created in active directory i want to change their domain part.

Say initially i am creating user with domain test.com so i want it to be changed to online.application.com .

I investigated on it and find out that How to programmatically add UPN Suffix in Active Directory Domains and Trusts in .NET? and implemented it as part of the code.

However, it is not making user use new domain.

Please let us know how i can make domain name changes once user is created so that even though user is created with diffrent user name his domain details can be changed.

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I don't think you can change the domain for a user once it's created, as the users are created in the domain. It wouldn't make much sense for a domain to have it's users' data in another domain, as otherwise how could the Domain Controller control it? –  martin_costello Apr 16 at 17:40

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Change the userPrincipalName attribute. This is what the User logon name box is mapped to in ADUC.

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