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We are localizing a medium to big size app for IPAD/IOS 7.X .In MAC-Xcode 5.X we added the az-kz Languages ( from the weird Others sub range ) .When we try the settings->Language in IPAD simulator there are no az or kz or entries there :the list is small ( kind of G-20 for me & friends) .Of course, there are az real IPADS ( means device ) and we guess there are kz also.So we could be 'restricted' to test the app using a physical device connected to the Mac .This is not practical :for each language to add/test we need an actual device brought from overseas and we loss the simulator features. This could be more difficult if we want to use the Cyrillic version of the languages (yes, they do exist) .A proposed solution was to declare Turkish as int language and use Azeris words ,yet the alphabets are almost identical ,but this is unprofessional.Almost is not a word for sophisticated software and sensible matters.Tks

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