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Hi I am looking for a windows FTP/SFTP server software that I can administrate (partly) by scripting against it, or if it has a .NET or COM API but at the end of the day I need to execute scripts/tasks against it that adds accounts and such.

I have considered building my own c# implementation but it seems unneccecary to do that by my self when there probably are tons of great ftp and sftp software out there.

Anyone has any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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CompleteFTP is a lightweight and fast Windows FTP/FTPS/SFTP/SCP server. At times we've considered adding the ability to do various admin things via a script. If you contact us and let us know what your requirements are, maybe we can help.

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You may want to try Syncplify.me Server. Its scriptable event-handling subsystem is used by many to customize its behavior by running scripts upon occurrence of certain events.

You can script out your own user authentication, zip and email files as they are uploaded, verify and allow/disallow the upload/download of files based upon their actual contents, and much more.

There is a decent online knowledge base that shows some of the things you can do with it: http://kb.syncplify.me//?s=event

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You could use solt_sftp, that is a SFTP server developed in Python based on Paramiko and running under Gevent greenlets. Users can be managed in Redis and there is a Redis channel to notify the SFTP server for user add/modify dynamically.

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