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I am using the ORM to save the user registration data into the database. The code is as follows.

if ($_POST) {
    $user = Model::factory('member');
    $post = $user->validate_create($_POST); 
    if ($post->check()) {
        // redirect to create gallery.

I have some values such as the UserType which is not part of the $_POST but has to be saved in the members table as part of the user registration. Is it a good idea to alter the values of $post and add UserType to it or is there any other recommended methods for achieving this?

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It's ok to alter the $post since it's just an array with the values taken from request now.

You can do it either by editing the $post array:

$post['usertype'] = 'customer';

Or you can set the value to your ORM object directly:

$user->usertype = 'customer';

Both should be fine

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You can use hidden inputs in your form. For example:

Form::hidden('usertype', 'customer');

If you don't want to change $_POST array. If you want to check is user sending $_POST request, use Kohana's method:

if($this->request->method() === Request::POST) {}

instead of:


By the way, get a $_POST data in this way:

$post = $this->request->post();
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