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I have a responsive circular div (made using % width, 0 height, % padding-bottom and 50% border radius) with a background gradient. If the background size is altered, they do not match in webkit / Firefox

with background-size 100% / auto they both match as expected: Imgur Imgur

but when i set background-size to other sizes they differ (auto 200% shown in images). Safari and Chrome show the image as expected, but firefox does not. Webkit: Imgur Firefox: Imgur

If I set the background-size to auto 300% it then displays correctly in Firefox but is then too big in webkit. If I use -moz-background-size to set Firefox to a different setting, newer versions just use the background-size instead. If I use -webkit-background-size to set webkit to the smaller version, they also get overwritten by the background-size property


    display none
    width 8%
    height 0
    padding-bottom 8%
    border-radius 50%
    position absolute
    top 37.6%
    z-index 3
    transform none
    background linear-gradient(135deg, rgba(234,246,254,1) 25%,rgba(10,39,58,1) 25%,rgba(10,39,58,1) 50%,rgba(10,39,58,1) 50%,rgba(234,246,254,1) 50%,rgba(234,246,254,1) 50%,rgba(234,246,254,1) 75%,rgba(10,39,58,1) 75%,rgba(10,39,58,1) 100%); /* W3C */
    background-size auto 200%
    background-position 0% 0%
    transition none
    left 40.2%
    right 40.2%
        transition background-position 0.2s
        background-position 0% -200%
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Ah, standardization across browsers. Good luck! –  Benjamin Trent Apr 16 '14 at 20:08
can we see your code ? is parent width set , cause vertical % padding uses width as reference., box-sizing inside ? etc ... –  GCyrillus Apr 16 '14 at 20:15
@GCyrillus have added this now, sorry. the parent width is %. Also, he size and the shape of the circular div is working as it should. –  Jack Wild Apr 16 '14 at 20:25

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background-size: 200% 200%

instead of

background-size: auto 200%

fixed the problem, and displays consistently across browsers.

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