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im following the tutorial at http://docs.angularjs.org/tutorial/step_11 and dont understand the custom service written in this step, especially the nesting (i'll call it that way, most likely wrong).

they use two types of jsons here, first the list of phones, phones.json second the phone details, phoneId.json

in the steps before instead of using a custom service its done with $http, so far i understand it

the service code for step 11 is

var phonecatServices = angular.module('phonecatServices', ['ngResource']);

phonecatServices.factory('Phone', ['$resource',
return $resource('phones/:phoneId.json', {}, {
  query: {method:'GET', params:{phoneId:'phones'}, isArray:true}

in controllers.js it's

$scope.phones = Phone.query();

to get the list of phones and

$scope.phone = Phone.get({phoneId: $routeParams.phoneId}, function(phone) {
  $scope.mainImageUrl = phone.images[0];

to get a single phone

what is happening here? how does query work? i see where the phoneId is used but i dont get the query thing

also, why does it look like its nested, the $http use before was more clear, phoneId.json and phones.json was equally loaded

(i've never used javascript before so maybe it is a fairly simple syntax reading mistake on my side?) thank you

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This tutorial uses (among others) ngResource which provides a high-level access to $http service. Phone.get() method actually invokes $http.get() with the given parameters. You can find additional information on AngularJS API reference: docs.angularjs.org/api/ngResource/service/$resource –  Gabriel Apr 17 at 13:49

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