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I'd like to define a new mapping annotation. For instance, wouldn't it be nice if @NgAttr added the mustache (the braces {{ and }}) automatically if the attribute looks like a controller value? So that it doesn't matter whether I write

    <pui-input pattern="{{ctrl.pattern}}" ng-model="ctrl.value">


    <pui-input pattern="ctrl.pattern" ng-model="ctrl.value">

Is it possible to add a custom mapping to AngularDart? My first approach was to simply derive from NgAttr, but it doesn't work because annotations must not contain methods in Dart:

     * When applied as an annotation on a directive field specifies that
     * the field is to be mapped to DOM attribute with the provided [attrName].
     * The value of the attribute to be treated as a string, equivalent
     * to `@` specification.
     * If the value of the attribute looks like a property of a controller, it
     * is surrounded by a mustache ({{ }}) if it is missing.
    class PuiAttr extends AttrFieldAnnotation {
      final mappingSpec = '@';
      const PuiAttr(String attrName) : super(attrName);

      String get attrName => addMustache(super.attrName);

      String addMustache(String attrName)
        if (attrName.indexOf("{{") == 0) // Todo: find a nice regexp
          if (attrName.indexOf("\.")>0)
              return "{{$attrName}}";
        return attrName;

Please note the mustaches are only an example. My question is whether it's possible to add custom mappings to the standard set @NgAttr, @NgOneWay, @NgTwoWay, @NgOneWayOneTime and @NgCallback.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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AngularDart 0.10.0 declares NgAttr, NgOneWay and so on deprecated. So chance are my question is deprecated, too. Google didn't tell me what's going to replace Ng* when I kindly asked it :). Does anybody know? – Stephan Rauh Apr 29 '14 at 21:53

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