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I can not seem to understand how to get PHPCocumentor2 @example tags to work correctly.

I am attempting to parse a single file. My working directory is /home/developers/domains/example.com and I am trying to parse (relative to my working directory) simplesamlphp/modules/example/lib/Auth/Process/RoleTrigger.php. This class file has a DocBloc that looks like:

 * Trigger Role on User from Configuration.
 * @example "RoleManager.usage.example.php" Test Example
public function process() { /* ... */ }

When I run the command to parse just this file in maximum verbosity (phpdoc -f simplesamlphp/modules/example/lib/Auth/Process/RoleTrigger.php -t httpdocs/test -vvv) PhpDoc indicates that the current project root is /home/developers/domains/example.com/simplesamlphp/modules/example/lib/Auth/Process/, so, according to the Documentation, this indicates that the example file RoleManager.usage.example.php should be located either at the same directory level of the parsed file, or in the examples directory of the current Project Root (which would be /home/developers/domains/example.com/simplesamlphp/modules/example/lib/Auth/Process/examples/).

However, try as I might, I can not seem to get the Example to show up in the generated documentation.

All I seem to get is, on the right-hand side of the generated page:

example     Test Example

With no hyper-link, or display of the file contents, or anything. Just the "Description" with nothing else.

I have attempted to use <code> but multiple lines with multiple levels render broken html that is also useless:


 * Test Doc
 * <code>
 * <?php
 * $array = array(
 *     1 => 'one',
 *     2 => 'two',
 * );
 * print_r($array);
 * ?>
 * </code>

Renders the following HTML:

$array = array(</p>
<pre><code>1 =&gt; 'one',
2 =&gt; 'two',</code></pre>

Multiple nested <code> and <pre> tags that render something awful. But that is a different issue.

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