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I am having difficulty with gmaps4rails infowindow. I have an app which successfully displays multiple markers using json data stored in activerecord. I created a partial to select additional info to display in the infowindow, but the same data from the first instance of PoliceAlert class is being repeated in each marker:


class StaticPagesController < ApplicationController

def main
 @police_alerts = PoliceAlert.all
 @police_hash = Gmaps4rails.build_markers(@police_alerts) do |police_alert, marker|
   marker.json({:id => police_alert.id })
    "url" => view_context.image_path('/assets/police.png'), 
    "width" => 32, 
    "height" => 37 
   marker.infowindow render_to_string(:partial => '/layouts/police_alerts_infowindow', :locals => { :police_alert => police_alert } )  


<% PoliceAlert.find do |police_alert| %>
<%= police_alert.hundred_block_location %>
<br><%= police_alert.event_clearance_description %></br>
<%= police_alert.event_clearance_date %>
<% end %>

How do I get markers to display info for each police_alert? Thanks so much in advance?

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Not sure to understand but replace your partial with:

<%= police_alert.hundred_block_location %>
<%= police_alert.event_clearance_description %>
<%= police_alert.event_clearance_date %>
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Thanks!!! That did it! –  Jesse Spaid Apr 17 at 17:34

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