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I've recently migrated my company's WordPress site (3.8.3) from an external to an internal Linux Hosting environment and am running into errors when:

  • I upload new media, I get a message stating: Error The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/2014/04.
  • I try to make a new directory in the Media File Manager plugin, I get a message stating: mrelocator_mkdir: mkdir(): Permission denied

Although these are slightly different processes, I believe the solution is likely the same thing or closely related. I can get media files to upload when I change the permissions on the /04 folder to "767" or "777", but I don't like the vulnerability with that. I'm really kind of a beginner when it comes to using Mac Terminal to SSH and modify things on the new server, so I'm hoping someone has had a similar issue and might have a solution for me to try? I did find out that if I create a new directory in SSH and chgrp, I can create a new directory with the aforementioned problems, but can't get that solution to work more than one time.

Many thanks!

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