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I'm porting my C++ application to Android using NDK and wonder where the clog out goes to? I am trying to debug by adding print statements, but I cannot find where they are sent. Where does clog get sent in a C++ application running under Android NDK?

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Have you looked at the output of logcat? –  mah Apr 16 at 22:38
No, where do I find logcat? –  WilliamKF Apr 16 at 23:31
adb logcat, or if you've got a shell on the device/emulator, just type the command logcat. Also if you use Eclipse, it will show you the running log. –  mah Apr 17 at 0:08
@mah I'm using Eclipse and the LogCat does not show my messages sent to cout or clog. –  WilliamKF Apr 17 at 0:22

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Please see Is "std::cout" usable in Android-ndk. TL;NR:

$ adb shell stop
$ adb shell setprop log.redirect-stdio true
$ adb shell start
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Is this setting persistent if I rebuild and run my application again from eclipse? –  WilliamKF Apr 16 at 23:58
It is persistent until device reboot. It does not relate to your app at all. It works on the device scope. –  Alex Cohn Apr 17 at 5:08

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