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I've been scratching my head for few days and haven't been able to find a solution. Here is what I am trying to accomplish using BlueImp's jquery file upload:

I have a form with text input fields and using blueimp's plugin for file uploads. I would like to fill out the form and add the files to it, submit the form to a php script that will take the input fields, insert a record in a projects table then retrieve the files uploaded to the form, process each one of them individually by creating a a record for each file in the attachments table with the project ID.

I have been able to do the above using the traditional file input fields. The drawback was if the user attempted multiple selects by clicking the browse files button, the existing selection is lost. With Blueimp, the user can click multiple times and select multiple files without losing their previous file selection.

The issue I am facing now is sending the fileList from Blueimp to the php script for processing. If I use POST, the file array is Null. If I use blueImp's upload, the plugin will send individual requests for every file or for every files selection (depending on how you set singleFileUploads).

How can I submit the entire file list regardless of the number of files or selections to the php script using POST, so I can process the files individually as I mentioned above?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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FYI. I am not married to the blueImp plugin. If you have other plugins that can accomplish this, I wouldn't mind changing. –  user1135662 Apr 16 at 23:06

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