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I have a mesh created within MayaVI's Mlab api. I would like to write it to an STL file. The purpose is for 3D printing.

Code for creating mesh and surface:

number_of_particles = 1000
radius = np.random.uniform(0.0,1.0, (number_of_particles,1))
theta = np.random.uniform(0.,1.,(number_of_particles,1))*np.pi
phi = np.arccos(1-2*np.random.uniform(0.0,1.,(number_of_particles,1)))
x = radius * np.sin( theta ) * np.cos( phi )
y = radius * np.sin( theta ) * np.sin( phi )
z = radius * np.cos( theta )
data = x*0 

src = mlab.pipeline.scalar_scatter(x, y, z, data)

pts = mlab.pipeline.glyph(src, scale_mode='none',scale_factor=.1)

mesh = mlab.pipeline.delaunay3d(pts)

surf = mlab.pipeline.surface(mesh)
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A quick google search reveals that somebody has done 3D printing by exporting vtk images into the neuroimaging program 3D slicer, which understands stl files. Alternately, you can write your own vtk to stl exporter -- I have absolutely no idea what the inernals of an stl file are. –  aestrivex Apr 21 at 15:13

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