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I am using Facebox to open a contact form in a modal window. The contact form is linked to within an accordion menu, but because the Contact Us link isn't actually a page, I am using jQuery to set the class 'active' to the Contact link when the link is clicked, and removing it and restoring the menu to how it was before clicking contact us.

For example:- Menu Item A link is currently active. Meny Item B link is currently inactive. Click 'Contact' link - active class is removed from Menu Item A and added to Contact link. Closing Facebox modal, the menu is restored back - Menu Item A link has class 'active' and 'Contact' link does not.

Here's my jQuery:-


var originalmenu = $('#menu>*').clone(true);

    $(document).bind('close.facebox', function() {




The problem I have, which I have identified by commenting out the clone/appendTo lines and also adding another link with rel="modal" in the main content (not in menu) which opens/closes on click no problem, is I can have Menu Item A have class 'active' and click Contact link which opens Facebox and Contact link now has the 'active' class. I close Facebox and the clone/appendTo happens, so now Contact link no longer has class 'active' and 'Menu Item A' has class 'active'. This works perfect, but the major problem...

As soon as this happens, it appears no menu item links work. All other menu items link to "#" and use unique ID's to use jQuery functions (such as getting dynamic content via AJAX), which works well. I've poured over the Facebox documentation and countless threads here and cannot find a solution to this.

I hope this makes sense to somebody...I've spent days upon days looking for a fix and now find myself with little to no hair left.


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