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How can I make this bottom div into a triangle like shown in the image? I tried the code below but the edges don't come into the center. Ideas?

border-radius: 0 0px 100px 100px;



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refer to this website :) apps.eky.hk/css-triangle-generator –  Kun-yao Wang Apr 17 at 2:31

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width: 0px;
height: 0px;
border-style: solid;
border-width: 100px 100px 0 100px;
border-color: #007bff transparent transparent transparent;
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Try this:


<div class="triangle">
    <!--Div content here -->


.triangle { 
  width: 0px;
  height: 0px;
  border-style: solid;
  border-width: 60px 175px 0 175px;
  border-color: #007bff transparent transparent transparent;

See DEMO here:

TRIANGLE DOWN http://jsfiddle.net/EdZ32/6/

TRIANGLE UP http://jsfiddle.net/EdZ32/5/

Triangle Generator here: http://html-generator.weebly.com/css-triangle-generator.html

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use the CSS below to achieve the triangle styling.

.arrow-down {
width: 0; 
height: 0; 
border-left: 20px solid transparent;
border-right: 20px solid transparent;

border-top: 20px solid #f00;
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