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Unfortunately we used intellilock to licence our software.

A licence file works in everywhere but not in one of our clients. It's a really stupid situation because we have no inner knowledge or way to debug the licencing component:

  • Intellilock doesn't answer support emails, they don't have a phone number either
  • Intellilock exceptions are obfuscated so we can't debug it (actually it doesn't even throw exception)

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Licence was locked with day + date. I checked the "New Trial Period" to ensure an old licence would not cause a problem.

Now we stuck with a licensing component without support and a client who cannot use our software. Any ideas other than buying a new licencing component and integrating it?

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An old license lock was in affect when I use the new licence without activating that lock. I used generated a new licence by activating it and overriding the property and it finally worked.

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I ran in the same problem with Intellilocks. What do you mean by "activating it and overriding the property"? I do not see relative option in the license generator tab... –  KMC Dec 16 '11 at 10:48

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