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In my Windows Phone 8 application I am trying to implement a custom control that behaves like the built-in calendar control which displays the current date above the scrollable content (daily views). Initially I have tried to use the LongListSelector control (which gives me the hierarchical view), but I am not able to determine the scroll position and therefore cannot update the header (the date in the case of the calendar control).

So I switched to using a ScrollViewer control which contains a StackPanel with different controls inside.

Whenever the user scrolls the content I would like to be notified so I can update the UI relative to the content being shown. However, the ScrollViewer doesn't have any explicit scrolling events.

I have tried to use the LayoutUpdated event (which seems to get called frequently enough for my purposes), but when I then update the UI in the event handler another LayoutUpdated event is raised and an infinite loop is created.

How can I update the UI based on the scroll position?

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Look at IScrollInfo and implement it in a custom panel wrapping StackPanel or others. –  Mitch Apr 17 at 6:21

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