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We are developing a project with several applications using Django. It shares the database, but it has several applications targeting different very different users. Roughly, administrators and final users. The UI of each application is very different. I need to create a 404 error page, but seems that I can only create one for all the project. I would like to create different 404 templates and being able to shown them depending on the application (URL) the user is asking for...

For general, clearly invalid URL it's easy, but in the code there are other ways of launching exceptions, like get_object_or_404 calls.

Anyone knows a way of doing that?

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It's not at all true that you can only create a single 404 page for the entire app. The documentation explains how you can create a specific 404 handler view, which of course can look at the value of request.path to see what URL was requested and render the relevant template.

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Is there a way to do this in a DRY way, perhaps by detecting an app's URL prefix at runtime? –  acjay Feb 28 '13 at 6:45

Write a 404 view by setting handler404, and not just a template. In that view, try to figure from the url which 404 you should show, and render that.

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Thanks! Great answer! –  Khelben Feb 22 '10 at 18:29

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